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29th March 2023    
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- Case management by an expert panel
Unlike other existing mutual defence companies, MDM Bhd will not immediately refer cases to private lawyers, but cases will be reviewed by an expert panel comprised of experienced members of the Malaysian Medical and Legal professions which will assess & monitor the progress of each legal action raised against the members of MDM Bhd.

- Not an insurance company
MDM Bhd is not an insurance company, and therefore conducts risk assessment based on the welfare of its members rather than being motivated along profit lines.

- Security of full funding
The subscriptions to MDM Bhd will provide full funding on a occurrence' basis, implying that members can continue to rely on MDM Bhd even if claims are made after membership has been terminated.

- Privileged communication
Effective prosecution of a medical malpractice action when commercial defense is employed requires identification and shoring up of weaknesses in the case. An 'invisible' resources physician can present essential warning of vulnerability and criticism of litigation strategy, without weakening counsel's positions or alerting opposing counsel to unrecognised strengths - hence providing a flexibility and security absent with commercial counsel.

About Medical Defence Malaysia
The following services provided by MDM Bhd will operate as a separate package automatically available alongside indemnification or independent of financial coverage, at minimal cost. Should a member choose to subscribe only to these 'Non-indemnity' services, he/she will then be at liberty to upgrade membership to full cover which includes indemnity, at any given time.

- Education
Education for members throughout the year aims to increase the level of knowledge and awareness of medico-legal issues affecting the profession. Education will function at several different levels, addressing the issues of risk management, claims prevention and legal procedure.

- Medico - Legal Counselling
Professional legal and medical advice will be available to those who are facing clinical negligence lawsuits, or wish to know more about dealing with medico - legal issues. Advice will be provided by an experienced colleague with significant clinical and medico - legal expertise.

Presently, if a doctor is faced with an action for clinical negligence, his request for assistance is dealt with initially at clerical level, by the local malpractice defence agent. His case is then channelled immediately to a local law firm, and from that time onwards, he is expected to deal directly with legal counsel regarding his matter. Opportunities rarely arise for the doctor to discuss the management of his case with a senior medical colleague or a representative from the medical defence organization. This shortcoming of the system of dealing with doctors in their time of legal need, will be rectified by MDM Bhd's operating procedure.

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